Radio Airplay "1220 Wells Street" Album

Radio-Station Music Programmer Comments For The "1220 Wells Street" Album

I really like the tone of your voice and the overall vibe!

� Brian S.

We must say you're music is simply amazing. We really love it!

� No Typical Radio

Love what I heard from the album. Nice blend of 70's rock sounds mixed with some funk (You Got Me Over) and a touch country rock.Like the newer sound on "What You Mean To Me". Like how your voice carries the songs. More than happy to help promote!

� Randy S.

"What You Mean To Me" is a song that's for sure NO-SHITTY-MUSIC proof.

� Dee W.

Un gusto!Es un buen album y todos los temas estan excelentes!

� Atte, Fidencio

If you're get in our area on tour you're welcome at our studio for an interview.


The Album is amazing, been listening to the short versions on your site for most of the day.

� Jack R.

I checked out your Samples from your Album to be released and I really Enjoyed it! It left me wanting to hear more. The Vocals are very Unique and I loved it !!! The Music Mix was Spot On!

� Lisa T.

I dig the sound and you�re pretty attractive, so I�ll give y�all some airplay

� Snarl

I am just listening to the album link and I really, really love it! The best blues album I have been listening to this year so far!

� Brigitte R.

Wouah ! Its good job ! My favorite song is "Save Him".

� Fred ROCK FM

We have listened the samples of the album and we love it!

� United Rock Nations

Some of the songs really cool. I really like these ones: "I Feel Blue", "Hey Man" and "You Got Me Over".

� Roman O.

I´ve listened to your Songs and I really impressed of them. They´re all Greatful.

� E. Barthel

Great Music! Perfect, and the real sound for RDD netherlands and RDD Radio Netherlands.

� Ronald

Always happy to play great music from talented artists.

� David Friendly Radio

It's a fantastic sound. Clear, dirty the mixture ist fantastic. I really like it

� Machine Radio

Great music!!! Love your edgy bluesy tunes and you have a great voice. You are very talented ! !

� Stargazer Rock Radio

Well, that is some great "shit" you have there!!

� Radioskyrose

The music is catchy and I found that my foot was playing metronome while listening

� Long Island Rock

I think "Save Him" is the breakout track for this album, we'll get that in immediate rotation.

� Radiomaha

Thank you for writing us and giving me the link to sample your music! It is absolutely great work! I would be honored to air your music on the network!

�Diversity Broadcasting Network Radio

I love the swanky warm blues overtones of Americana with a SAS Jordan type vocal. A Refreshing sound in a sea of Sameness these days�.That�s my initial responses.

� U Rock Radio

Best Album 2017! Really like it! "

� Stella B.